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Component Repairs

Trinity Turbine Technology, LP provides superior quality component repair and coating services for all major components including all styles of combustion components, buckets and blades, nozzles and vanes. We have developed innovative coupon repair procedures for several nozzle and vane segments that have proven to safely extend the life of these parts far beyond original design. We are experienced with performing life extension and performance upgrades such as applying honeycomb seals to shroud blocks and cutter teeth to shrouded buckets. We have experience supplying and installing new brush seals, cooling hole modifications and outage extension hardware on combustion components. We also provide repair services for other miscellaneous hardware including compressor blades and diaphragms, Inlet Guide Vanes, inner barrels, bearings, shroud blocks, blade rings and ring segments. We have the necessary tooling, equipment, personnel and capabilities in place to ensure that your components are refurbished properly, on time at a competitive rate. When you need reliable and cost effective component repairs, call Trinity Turbine Technology, LP first.

Combustion hardware
  • Fuel nozzles
  • Combustion liners / Combustion baskets
  • Transitions
  • Clamshells / Transition Cylinders
Nozzles / Vanes
  • Row 1 vanes
    • W251B9-12 leading and trailing edge coupon repairs
  • First stage nozzles
    • Frame 6B, 7B-EA TE coupon repairs
    • Chordal Hinge modifications
    • Side Wall cooling hole modifications
  • Second and third stage nozzles
    • Deflection correction
    • Twist correction
    • Diaphragm repair
  • Buckets and Blades
    • Rejuvenation
    • Tip Restoration
    • Shroud Z Notch restoration

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